SpitFire Tuning

The latest in Plug-in Tuned Performance


Gain up to 45% more in HP and Torque throughout all RPM ranges.


Increase your vehicles fuel economy by up to 35% in all seasonal/weather conditions.


From heavy load towing to mountain climbing to high speeds our chip can maximize your vehicles capabilities.

Easy Installation

All our performance chips are plug and play design needing no tools and take less than 1 minute to install.
Our Throttle controllers are all plug and play design needing no tools and come with everything needed for installation and step by step pictorial instructions.
All our LED lights as well as our other performance accessories come as direct fit and will never need you to cut or modify any part of your vehicle to use.

Why Us?

Unmatched Performance

With gains of up to 45% our Performance Chips and Throttle Controllers are second to none when it comes to performance.

High Quality

We use the latest chipset on the market for maximum efficiency speed and performance.

Amazing Fuel Savings

Our unique programs are custom tailored to match your vehicles capabilities from the manufacturer to provide you with some of the best fuel economy savings on the market.

Extended Warranties

All our products come with extended warranties that will ensure your purchase is covered for years to come.

1-2-3 Installation

Our products are as easy as 1-2-3 and never require modifications done to your vehicle to use.

30 Day Full Satisfaction

We are so sure you will love our products that we give you a full 30 days to try them out and if not fully satisfied simply return it for a refund.

Unleash Your

Vehicle’s Fullest Potential

All of our performance products undergo testing in extreme environments for both the vehicle as well as the product to ensure it will perform as intended and never fail you. Our performance chips and throttle controllers are programmed to bring you the most performance gains both in power and fuel economy while maintaining 100% safety of your vehicles mechanical and electrical components.

All our performance chips and throttle controllers are dyno proven to perform! We deliver you full power through custom tunes for your specific vehicle. Simply plug our chip or controller in and get ready for proven performance!