Meet our Performance Chips and Other Products

SpitFire Tuning offers Performance Chips and Fuel Saver Chips, Throttle Controllers, Intake Fuel Saver Kits, LED Headlight Bulbs, and Accessories. We are always working to add more parts to meet the needs of the community of automotive enthusiasts. Make sure to check our Products page and social media regularly! 

Our Performance Chips and Fuel Saver Chips are some of the best you can find online at highly competitive prices. We guarantee you will absolutely love them! Additionally, our 360 LED Headlight bulbs bring you amazing clarity and last for over 50,000 hours. With their unique 360 design, they will provide you with zero blind spots, unlike the 2 and 4-sided bulbs out there on the market. Moreover, we also carry various accessories such as our high-quality Oil Catch Cans available in 5 different colors. Furthermore, our Intake kits are available in 6 different sizes and provide you with fuel savings and better performance.

What to expect when you buy a SpitFire Tuning product?

Performance Chips and Fuel Saver Chips

When you purchase a SpitFire Tuning Performance and Fuel Saver Chip, you can expect a remarkable transformation in your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Our cutting-edge chip harnesses advanced technology to optimize your engine’s power output while simultaneously maximizing fuel economy. Through precise adjustments to critical engine settings, our chip optimizes performance and unleashes a powerful surge in horsepower and torque. As a result, your vehicle gains an exhilarating acceleration boost and achieves exceptional overall performance.

Furthermore, its intelligent fuel-saving algorithms ensure that you experience significant savings at the pump, as the chip optimizes fuel consumption without compromising on power. With our SpitFire Tuning chip, get ready to unlock the full potential of your vehicle and enjoy a dynamic driving experience that’s both exhilarating and cost-effective. Choose SpitFire Tuning for unparalleled performance and fuel efficiency upgrades!